Software Review – Stellar Repair for MS SQL

icrosoft has marketed several versions of SQL Server, which is its proprietary relational database management system (RDBMS) until now. All the available versions are aimed at satisfying audiences from different backgrounds and with different workloads that can range from a small single-machine to large Internet-based applications, with a lot of concurrent users.

Although built with enhanced internal underlying technology with its every new version coming into being, they do get corrupt making the objects in the database inaccessible. This brings in the requirement of not just any, but an MS SQL Repair software that has the capability to restore the SQL Server database saved as MDF and NDF format.

A tried and tested software for repairing the corrupt database files of MS SQL Server and making the stored objects accessible once again is Stellar Repair for MS SQL. The SQL Database Repair utility by Stellar, a leading Data Recovery company, can resolve all corruption issues of SQL Server database by fixing the errors that one encounters while working with it. Following that, it can retrieve all data objects from the primary MDF and secondary NDF files that became inaccessible due to the damage caused.

The software is devised with multiple features so as to repair the server’s database files. They have been found to be powerful enough to recover data objects without data loss while maintaining the database integrity. Additionally, it promises MS SQL repair irrespective of the severity of corruption, and in maximum cases has been found to achieve what it assures. However, one needs to configure and run the software to experience what it offers. Listed below are some of its significant features:

  • It can repair all the MDF and NDF files of your damaged SQL Server database
  • It saves the scanned result
  • It has a fast scan feature so that the issues can be identified and fixed quickly, leading to the recovery of the stored objects
  • It can retrieve the database components: tables, triggers, views, keys, rules, indexes, and defaults
  • Keys – Primary Keys, Foreign Keys, Unique Keys, and Identity
  • Indexes – Clustered and Non-clustered indexes
  • It can recover even the ROW and PAGE compressed data
  • It allows you to preview the recoverable objects post scanning
  • It permits you to search for MDF files on the PC as well as specific objects and recovers them
  • It reconnects to the server automatically when disrupted so as to complete the repair process

Here a review of Stellar Repair for MS SQL is presented which is its latest released version. Devised to repair corrupt Microsoft SQL Server database MDF and NDF files, its latest version of the software provides enhanced features which have increased its capabilities to the next level. In addition to the above-stated benefits, this particular version offers several advanced features like:

  • It provides support for 2019, 2017, 2016 and all other lower versions.
  • Saves the scanned result automatically
  • It offers to recover deleted records with the help of an extraordinary feature embedded in the software
  • It provides the option to move and save database files to Live SQL database post repair
  • It gives you the option to save the fixed database files in XLS, CSV, and HTML formats in addition to MS SQL

However, to be able to achieve what the software is devised for, you need to fulfill certain system requirements which are as follows:

  • The system must run on only a Pentium Class processor
  • The Operating System can be any of the following: Windows Server 2008 or 2003, and Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista, and XP
  • The memory should be at least 1 GB; however, the recommended is 2 GB
  • Lastly, the hard disk in the system must contain at least 50 MB of free space so as to have the software installed

Note – The system requirements are easy to achieve and are present in almost all Windows systems.

Steps to Repair Damaged MS SQL Server MDF & NDF File

This SQL database repair software has three simple steps to repair the damaged SQL Server database files and recover its data items. They are Select, Repair, and Save.

Select – You can select the corrupt database with the ‘Browse’ tab present in the interface, provided you know the location. But if the location is unknown, you should look for the ‘Search’ section.  Also, place a checkmark in the checkbox ‘Include deleted record’ to scan for and recover the deleted records.

Stellar Repair for MS SQL

Repair – Once the MDF file is selected, click on the ‘Repair’ tab to begin the scanning process. With this, over some time a preview of the database objects that can be recovered is prompted on the screen. After that, a message will appear on the screen of your system that the selected MS SQL database has been successfully repaired, and then click on ‘OK’ to save the file in a new database. The screenshot below showcases the repair and preview step.


Save – To save, you have to complete the software registration process by entering the serial number sent through email. Then, you can save the recovered items in MS SQL, CSV, HTML, and XLS formats. You get the option of saving in the new database and live database that can be selected as per want. Finally, the repaired file and the retrieved objects are saved. The screenshots below display the ‘saving’ step.

Inference Drawn

Stellar Repair for MS SQL is an ideal MS SQL Repair software. This is because it accomplishes almost all the guaranteed benefits without fail. Moreover, the interface is easy-to-use and can even be understood by a layperson as well. All you need to do is install it properly on your system to repair the damaged SQL database file. The software is available only in English for now; hence, only the English-speaking populace can leverage it meanwhile.

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