Lost and found — sp_monitor

For those of you who do not spend evenings reading Book Online, there is a little known, but useful stored procedure called sp_monitor.

If you ever wanted to get a quick impression of how the SQL Server is going in terms of CPU, I/O or network activity, just execute it:

EXEC sp_monitor;
last_run                current_run             seconds
----------------------- ----------------------- -----------
2013-08-13 15:05:27.643 2013-08-13 15:11:58.303 391

cpu_busy                  io_busy                   idle
------------------------- ------------------------- -------------------------
18(0)-0%                  1(0)-0%                   1201576(3027)-774%

packets_received         packets_sent             packet_errors
------------------------ ------------------------ ------------------------
21252(329)               17271(271)               0(0)

total_read          total_write         total_errors        connections
------------------- ------------------- ------------------- ------------------
3831(0)             800(1)              0(0)                16436(168)

As this proc is perfectly documented in BOL, to see what those counters mean, highlight its name and press F1.

Happy monitoring

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