An Expert

An EXPERT – a dictionary definition:

”A specialist appointed to issue a decision or an opinion on matters under dispute”

“A person considered an authority in a given field”

An EXPERT – a practical definition:

“ A person who has made all the mistakes which can be made in a given field”


An EXPERT – to call yourself one, it is not enough to have your knowledge and skills officially certified. What you need to be one, is to be aware of the necessity to be ever searching for new, better, more effective solutions, to have the ability to seek the very origins of problems, to impose on yourself the inner obligation of constant development, as well as to have the capability to share your experience and acquired knowledge with others and enjoy it.

Experts of have precisely those qualities. They are people who have made a passion out of SQL Server and are always willing to share this passion with you. They are willing to make their discoveries yours. SQL courses, BI courses, SQL licensing, SQL license sale, SQL projects, BI projects, SQL Server administration, SQL migration, SQL upgrades, SQL optimization, data warehouse design, data analysis, creating data reports, SQL programming – they can bring all these home to you. Why not listen to what they have to say…

Agnieszka Trojok
Microsoft Solutions Department

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2 thoughts on “An Expert

  1. I have downloaded SQL 2012 Express several times and cannot get SSMS to appear. Any ideas what the issue could be?